Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Day at the Pool

We didn’t have much going on this afternoon, so we hit the pool again. I have a feeling we will be spending a good amount of time down there this year. It’s just a nice way to blow an hour or two before dinner and it gets everyone out of the house and away from the TV and/or iPad…or iTad as Harper calls it.

The kids were taking their sweet time getting in, so Tony decided to help them get used to the water.



I don’t know if he actually got any of them wet, but Zoe thought it was pretty funny!


Landon impressed Zoe and Brandon with his mad handstand skills.


And Zoe and Landon made their best attempts to dunk Brandon. Neither of them was successful though.



Harper played toss the animals again with dada. But only for a minute or two because he was much more interested in walking around the pool area and climbing through the hand rails.



Zoe kept trying to get Harper to get in the pool with her but he just wouldn’t go. Then she suggested that he get in the pool with Brandon and after a few seconds of contemplation, he walked right up to Brandon and got in!


We laughed and laughed and Zoe is convinced that Harper hates her. I know he doesn’t, but he is just fickle like that sometimes!

Once he was in the pool, Zoe grabbed him and started tossing him in the air which he loved…and I guess Zoe forgave him. :)


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