Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Normal Genius

The best part about driving Landon out to get his allergy shots are the conversations we end up having in the car.

Landon’s in 5th grade and this year they’ve been learning about alcohol and drug abuse. The counselor has been visiting their classrooms with activity books and questionnaires on the topic and yesterday the kids took an online “quiz” that asked them questions like “If your friend offered you alcohol, what would you say”? (This was an exact question he mentioned while we were talking yesterday, and he assured me he’d say NO!) :)

Anyways, he was telling me about the quiz and asked me why alcohol makes people stupid. I tried to explain to him that drinking alcohol didn’t exactly make you stupid, but it impaired your judgment, which was like saying falskjdfoeij and expecting him to understand. So, I tried to explain that when you drink and get drunk you may make bad decisions or decisions that you wouldn’t have made had you been sober…and he got that.

Then, he said “Well, here’s just one question I’ve always had about that”. “If a genius gets drunk, does that mean that they are just normal”?

I’m thinking that maybe he didn’t get my explanation after all. Smile

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