Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday at Six Flags

Since we decided to pull Landon from the soccer tournament on Sunday, we thought it was a great opportunity to hit Six Flags. We bought season passes again this year and we never know how often we’ll get to go, so off we went.

It was sizzling hot when we got there at 10am, but instead of hitting the water park first thing, we went for the Merry-Go-Round because we thought Harper would like that.

As you can see in the next picture, we were wrong. No one was sure why he didn’t want to ride, but he cried and cried and didn’t want a thing to do with it.


Tony, Zoe and Landon went on ahead though since they were already on.


After the fiasco at the Merry-Go-Round, we thought it best to just go on to the water park. On the way we saw a fine mist coming from one of the park signs and that was all it took to get Harper to cheer up!


In his excitement over the spray, he accidentally smacked Tony across the jaw. I think this photo is just hilarious!


After about 5 minutes of running back and forth through the water, I told Harper it was time to move on. In the next picture, he’s holding up one finger telling me “one mo time'”. I swear he could have played with that thing all day!



We did actually make it down to the waterpark though, and the water was so nice and cool! I don’t know how hot it was that day, but I’d guess it was around 800 degrees.




We only ended up spending about 4 hours at the park, but it was long enough. Zoe had spent the night with a friend the night before so she was dragging, Landon was disappointed that Zoe wouldn’t hang out with him and ride water slides, Harper needed a nap (which he never took) and I was about to spontaneously combust from the heat. I guess Tony could have stayed longer…but I’m sure we’ll all have our fill of the water park before the season’s over.

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