Thursday, May 24, 2012

Surprise Lunch

Yesterday I had the opportunity to surprise Landon with a lunch date to McDonalds.


About a month ago I told Landon that I was going to bring him lunch, and then wasn’t ever able to get around to it for one reason or another. But yesterday, with my mother-in-laws help, I was able to pick him up right before his school lunch started and zip him up to Mickey D’s.

I told the lady in the office that he didn’t know I was coming to get him, so when she called him up to the office she didn’t tell the teacher why he was leaving, only that he’d be back. As he walked up to the office we could see the confusion on his face, and when he opened the office door one of the receptionist’s asked me if he was going to be in a lot of trouble…and when I assured her he was, his eyes got wide! I couldn’t keep up the act though and told him I was whisking him away for a lunch date.

I told him he’d have to go back to school after lunch and that I’d try to get him back before recess if he wanted. He said he did want to get back for recess, but could he please bring his soda? (He needed the soda as proof for his friends.)

It was nice getting to spend that half hour with him, spontaneously, in the middle of the day. When I picked him up from the bus stop I asked how his day was and he told me it was great. I asked what was so great about it and he told me he had an awesome lunch…and that made me feel even better about making the extra effort.

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