Sunday, May 6, 2012

Play, Play, Play

After Landon’s soccer game this morning, we came home, whipped up a quick lunch and then I got Harper down for his nap. It was about 12:45 when I got him in bed and 1:15pm or so before he actually got to sleep (he’s usually down around 12-12:30 and asleep shortly before 1).

I decided to use his naptime wisely and get some stuff done. Stuff I’d been putting off for days, like paying bills…you know, nothing too important.

Landon asked to have his friend Daniel over and his dad brought him over around 1pm. Then, a couple of neighborhood kids came to play also, and my house was full of boy noise. (Lots of yelling, screaming, and loud thumps coming from the basement.)

At one point they all were out on the trampoline playing a game, some kind of tackling game, and then all the sudden Landon was in my “office” looking a little worried.

Landon: Mom, are you mad about anything?

Me: No. Why? Did you break something?

Landon: Yeah, we kind of broke the trampoline.

Me: How?

Landon: Well, we were playing tackle and so and so tackled me and so and so and we both fell through the enclosure and onto the ground. The net is ripped up and we both hit our heads.

Me: Seriously? Are you guys ok?

Landon: Yeah, we’re ok, but the trampoline isn’t.

So, I just sent him and his friends on their way to play something a little less deadly and went back to paying the bills. I guess I’m just too tired to worry about the trampoline today because I never even went and looked at the damage.

At 3pm I got Harper out of bed and we immediately went out to play. He found this toy of Landon’s in the garage and taught himself how to do it. I mean, he’s seen us do it a million times, but today he figured out that he had to stomp on in pretty hard to get the rocket to fly. He must have done it 100 times.


Landon and his friends were out playing basketball, soccer and with a ball I had intended him to use at the pool this summer. But, like I said, I must be tired because I never said a thing about them playing with our new pool ball.



Harper wanted to blow bubbles so we pulled out his big bubble bucket and got to work.




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