Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sticks and Soccer

For some reason I thought today would be a little less busy than yesterday, but then I remembered that Tony and Zoe were heading to Alabama and Landon had a soccer game, and I had a million little things to do before the weekend officially ended.

We were up again bright and early but this time it was because I had to get Zoe, Tony and his parents to the airport. Their flight didn’t leave until 9:55am, but they needed time to get through security and all that so I dropped them off at 8:30. Landon, Harper and I then headed back home for breakfast and a little playtime before going to Landon’s 10:30am soccer game.

It threatened to rain the entire time we were on the field, but luckily it never did. Harper was restless and cranky for much of the game, but I kept him as happy as possible by letting him play at the park. The slides were wet so I had to keep him off of those, but he ended up finding a stick and was happy using it to bang on the railings.


And dig in the dirt.


Landon’s team lost 5-0, but they played a pretty decent game against the number one team in their division. Landon had 2 goals scored on him, and he was disappointed that they lost, but overall, he did a great job and didn’t get too upset about it.



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