Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was what it always seems to be, busy and over too quickly. We got a lot accomplished, but I sure paid the price for it last night when I could hardly get out of bed because my back hurt so bad.

On Saturday Landon had his last season soccer game. He had a rough game as goalie and left not feeling so happy, but we just told him that some days were going to be better than others and slowly his mood changed from one of defeat to one of optimism about his upcoming soccer tournament. He’s playing in a Memorial Day tournament and so far he’ll have 2 games on Saturday and at least one on Sunday. More if they do well.

Since we lost a huge chunk of our day to soccer on Sat. we spent Sun. doing a million things. Grocery shopping, stopping at Lowes and Sam's club…etc. At home, Tony started the tedious task of staining and removing/replacing all the pickets on the deck railing. It’s going to take awhile for him to complete, but the deck and gazebo are going to look 100% better once it’s finished. While he did that I took care of Harper and once he went down for a nap I did all kinds of neglected housework. It sucked, but was nice once I was finished!

At Lowes I decided to pick up some more flowers for the front garden beds as well as more mulch. The garden(s) are starting to look really good and with all the rain we’re having they’re getting huge! We never did get around to building our vegetable garden this year (again) but hopefully we’ll be able to get that started this fall so that we can plant next spring.

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