Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Basement, Completed

I guess I should post the after shots of the basement area we finished. I mean, it’s been done for almost a week now. Zoe’s already all moved in (although, it’s still a bit of a mess) and the baby room is under construction.

Here are a few shots of the finished product. The first photo is from the doorway and towards the bedroom area. That small wall there is what separates the “hallway” from the “bedroom”. We left the bedroom area open like this with the idea that when our kids are grown and gone, we’ll be able to take the door off from where I’m standing and have open access to the entire basement area. Make sense? For now though, there is a closeable, lockable door separating the two areas.


The next photo is from the doorway also, but to the left side of the room. The very far door is the closet, and the middle set of double doors is to the water heater.You can barely tell from the picture, but right in the left hand portion of the shot you can see another doorway. That is unfinished storage and the ac unit.


Here’s a closer shot of the bedroom area. It’s actually really big…and don’t mind the two ding marks on the pole. They were put there by the two dings that put the carpet down and have since been fixed.


The wall you see in the above photo, to the right is the small wall separating the hall and bedroom. On the other side of the wall (not facing the bedroom) is more unfinished storage. They painted the walls and floor in that room which helps to keep dust down and it really looks better with the paint. I forgot to get a picture of that space, but it’s boring anyways.

So, that’s that. The area is awesome and Zoe is adjusting to sleeping down there just fine. She was very reluctant, but the more people that see it and tell her how nice it is, the more she’s convinced. A few of her friends have even offered to swap their rooms for hers…hopefully she’s smart enough to see a good thing when it’s right in front of her!

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