Monday, August 27, 2012


Since school is back in session, I though Harper and I could do a little learning time each day too. I didn’t have a well thought out plan for this morning, but I decided we would work on the circle shape this week. He can already identify a circle, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do some circular activities to keep him thinking…

So, today’s little activity was to paint using different size circles. Like I said though, I wasn’t fully prepared, so we only had 2 circles, but it worked just fine.


He’s using a lid to make his big circles and he used the eraser end of an old pencil for his small circle. As you can see from his face, he thoroughly enjoyed sticking that lid in the puddle of brown paint!


We did a couple pages like the one above, but once Dakota woke up, things got crazy so we packed it up. It ended up being a very short activity, but he did enjoy it. Tomorrow I think we’ll do some sorting or possibly gluing…guess I better start thinking about it now!

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