Monday, August 27, 2012

Middle School


Today was Landon’s first day of middle school. He was up at 7am sharp, in the shower and downstairs ready to go long before he had to be.

*We’re trying a new schedule for him and instead of showering at night, he does it in the morning before school. I came up with this plan because he has been so terrible about applying his medicine for his eczema after showering. When he showers at night, he rushes so that he can play a video game or watch TV and he doesn’t bother with the medicines, but in the morning there is a no TV/video game rule, so no need to rush. I hope it’ll work, but honestly, I think we’re doomed no matter what. I just can’t think of too many 11 year old boys out there who want to take the time to care for their skin, no matter how necessary it really is.

I told him I was walking him to the bus on his first day because I wanted to see what the bus situation was, and he told me I could with the condition that I only go the first day! I promised, and off we went.

When he got home at 4:30!!!!, he told me he had a pretty good day. He had to learn how to use a combination lock, and he said it took him a good ten minutes to get it to open on his own! He bought lunch today and said he had about 2 minutes to actually eat because it took so long to get the food. (He had chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks. Love those healthy school lunches!) He’s excited about AVID and woodshop, but language arts…not so much. He said that he knew one or two kids in his classes, but mostly it was all new kids and that he made one new friend today.

All in all it sounded like 6th grade got off to a good start. I’m looking forward to hearing more about school this week, and I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that he stays enthusiastic until at least Friday!

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