Friday, August 31, 2012


My mom has mad sewing skills and she took the time to make the curtains, blinds and valance for Dakota’s room. Because I have no specific colors or theme, she was able to go out and choose some fabric that she liked without too much trouble. (Since she was making these at home she didn’t really have anything to go on except what stood out to her…luckily, she has good taste!) She went with a multicolor butterfly pattern for the valance, and it goes perfectly in her room! I absolutely love the simple lace trim! It’s just so sweet and girly!


She also made pink roman shades.


The romans weren’t dark enough, so we were getting a ton of sunlight through them. We figured the best way to combat some of the sun was to make curtains…


They are perfect! They won’t open and close, but just stay the way you see them in the photos. I just adore that pompom fringe!!! The best part of anything homemade is in the details!


Check out the tiebacks:


Adorable, right?

I’m so lucky that my mom made these. I couldn’t have found anything nearly as cute in any store, and they just fit the nursery beautifully!

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