Thursday, September 20, 2012

Play, Play, Play

Finding new things to do on a daily basis is a tough job. It’s actually near impossible, but somehow, Harper, Dakota and I have been managing to keep ourselves entertained.

Some of the things we’re keeping busy with these days include:

  • the marble tower


  • the water table…add a sponge and it’s a whole new toy



  • play dough


  • tools


  • the “mans”


Right now, the “mans” is the favorite. We play it a lot. I’ve had to become inventive with how we play with them though, because while he has a pretty good imagination, these toys are quite a bit above his age level. As you can see above, one game I came up with was to set them up on his blocks and give him a little shooting toy to knock them down.


He loved it! :)

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