Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday Game

Landon had a rare Sunday soccer game this past weekend, and since it was in the middle of the day, I was able to go. It was deceivingly bright and sunny out, so we were a little surprised how chilly it was once we got to the field and the wind picked up. Not so chilly we needed jackets, but chilly enough to remind us that it is in fact, fall.

While Landon warmed up with his team, Zoe, Brandon and Harper played around with an extra ball. Harper just loved racing Zoe to the ball and was so happy to show Brandon all the rocks he could find.





I was glad I thought to bring a blanket to put out on the grass so that Dakota could spread out and kick her legs. She was pretty happy the whole game. Harper was content to sit on the blanket and eat a snack and play my iPad.









They ended up tying 1-1, and it was a pretty good game to watch. Landon continues to improve and I think under his dad’s direction, he’ll only get better.



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