Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mr. Imagination

I just love Harper’s imagination. There are moments during the day when I can’t give him my full attention, and it’s so nice to know that while I’m attending to Dakota’s needs, he’s happy to play with his toys. Today, he got out a couple of his cars and drove them along the back of the couch and down the arms for nearly 20 minutes while I changed, fed and rocked Kota to sleep.


I was sitting in the living room with him the whole time, but I was just sitting and listening to him play. He just talked and talked the whole time he played. He would ask one car where the other was and then drive all over the couch to find it. He’d open and close the doors and pretend to fix boo boo’s on them. Every once in awhile he’d look up and make sure I was still there, but once he saw me, he’d go back to his playing.


I love that he has such great imagination and is so content to play with his toys. I hope Dakota will see how much he loves his toys and will follow suit. I hope too, that one day he’ll let her play with him. I love these moments and look forward to watching this little boy continue to blossom.


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