Friday, November 30, 2012

Out of Doors

We spent a lot of time outside while we were down south. The weather was a bit warmer than at home, so we made the most of it.

Harper just loved walking along the rock wall outside my parents house. He made us all a little crazy doing it though! We were all so worried he was going to fall off.


Dakota was content to sit outside watching all the kids run around. She loves to be outside.


Zoe had a paper to write so she found herself a comfy spot on one of my parent’s porches. (Apparently she had some texting to do, too.)


Koko and I did a lot of swinging on the front porch. I just love their swing and Koko really seemed to like it too. I was able to swing her to sleep on several occasions.


When she wasn’t snoozing with me, she could sometimes be found rocking and bonding with her Meme.


When the kids grew tired of the rock wall, they made their way back to the lake. Throwing rocks into the water was a huge hit. (Yes, the next photo is focused on the tree trunk, but I absolutely love it…and I didn’t take it, my brother did.)


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