Thursday, January 24, 2013



We’re all alive and well here, just sidetracked with life stuff.

To prove that we’ve been busy, here are some shots over the past several days.

We’ve been building zoo’s:

2013-01-24 001 2013-01-17 002

Playing under the sea with pink elephants:

2013-01-24 001 2013-01-18 004

Admiring beautiful snow from indoors:

2013-01-24 001 2013-01-24 003

Making things:

2013-01-24 001 2013-01-24 006

Looking at I Spy books:

2013-01-24 001 2013-01-24 027

And so much more. Landon’s been busy with school stuff, namely projects for his science and language arts classes. (Thankfully, both are done and turned in! Phew!) Zoe’s been busy with work and preparing herself to return to school this weekend.

I’ve got plenty to blog about, and I can feel the blog-arrhea coming on…now if the kids will just give me a minute!

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