Friday, January 18, 2013

Boys are Weird

A few days ago, Landon mentioned that he’d like to go to the skating rink on Friday nights because all his friends go. I told him that he could go as long as he made sure some of his friends were going to be there. He came home from school and told me that one of his friends was definitely going and that there were a few other possibilities as well.

The skate session is from 8pm-11pm, so I made sure to get him up there a little early to see if we could spot his friend. We sat in the car awhile but the moment we saw his friend we went and got in line. His friend was ahead of us in the line, so Landon yelled out his friends name and when the kid turned around he looked as though he wasn’t sure who Landon was. It was weird. Then, he kinda glanced at me and quickly turned around.

At first I thought, what the hell??, but then realized it’s just some kind of weird boy thing. Half of Landon’s friends barely utter a word when I’m nearby, even ones that have been around a lot. For awhile I thought it was me, but I’ve come to realize it isn’t. It’s them. They just can not be cool if they are caught conversing with an adult. I get it.

I remember Zoe and her friends at this age, and let me tell you, it is a whole different story. Some of them wanted a hug every time they saw me. Nearly all were friendly and talkative…only some were weird in that they wouldn’t look at or talk to me, and of course, they were (and still are) my least favorite. Even at the skating rink tonight one of the girls from Landon’s elementary school spotted me and gave me a big smile and wave!

I’ve gotta remember that the boy experience is going to be different than the girl experience. Nothing better or worse than the other really, just different.

I really am hoping that Landon has a good time tonight. Not so good that he’s couple skating to Air Supply with some 7th grade hottie…but, you know, having fun skating with his weird friends. 

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