Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hiding and Seeking

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Harper’s newest most favorite-ist game is hide and seek. He’s actually liked playing this forever, but over the past few days, it’s pretty much been the only thing he wants to do. That and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So, this is how you play, you know, in case you visit.

First, you gather all the pillows off the furniture in the library and throw them on the floor. Second, you locate his two most favorite-ist blankies in the whole wide world, and toss them on the floor as well.

Then, on his command, the fun begins. First he will  attempt to slide under the pillows (which means he will lay on the floor and push them all over the place in an attempt to get beneath them) and when he realizes that isn’t going to work, he will demand that you cover him up. Then, once he’s well concealed, you must walk around the house while loudly and repeatedly asking “Where is my Harper”? While you say that, you should be opening doors and banging things around in an effort to find him.

Sometimes, if he’s feeling generous, he will allow you to be creative in your efforts in locating him. For instance, I may not look for him behind a door. No, I may look in the dog bowl! Harper in Ginger’s food bowl! Imagine that! Every once in awhile, when I think he might be hidden in the dog bowl or in Dakota’s sock, I will hear giggling from beneath a heap of pillows in the hallway. Sometimes, those pillows will begin to move, and that’s when you know that there is a ghost hiding under pillows and blankets in your hallway…and that at any moment, that little ghost is going to leap out and shout surprise!!! 

You also know that that will be the precise moment that Dakota will nearly jump out of her skin and begin crying…and that it’s time to start all over again.


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