Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Night, Monday

Today was one of those days. It started out well enough, but by 10am, I was ready for naptime. Or bedtime. Either would have been great.

Both babies woke at 7am, and luckily I had woken up on my own at 6:40 which meant I got to shower before doing anything else. That, my friends, is luxury.

After getting both babies up, dressed, fed and playing, I checked my e-mail and found that a lady I had written to about a local play group had gotten back to me. And, because it was my lucky day, there just happened to be a playgroup this very morning, at 10am. I glanced at the clock and realized it was already 9, so I figured I’d better start getting things ready to go. Yes, it takes me an entire hour to get everything together. There is a diaper bag to pack (I have to check every detail every time we leave!) two diapers to change, socks to find, a toddler to catch and get shoes onto etc... While I was chasing the toddler, I put Koko in her exersaucer, which turned out to be a terrible idea.


For some reason, (my guess is gravity) every time I put her in this thing, she poops. And, because she is sit/standing in this thing, it goes straight up her back. The mess is atrocious. So, at 10 minutes to 10, I had to strip her down, give her a quick bath and then redress her all the while Harper is questioning what a playgroup is, who is a playgroup and can I put on the song that goes “la la la” or “ya ya ya”.

Somehow, and I still don’t really know how, we made it out of here just a little after 10. But, because it was my lucky day, Dakota decided she didn’t want to go and cried the entire way to the library. Once we got there, she cried and cried until I took her out of her car seat, but the moment she was out, she was all smiles. Booger. Harper was acting a little bashful when we first got there, but once the mom’s started to say hello to him, he was just fine. We played with toys that the other kids brought to share and got a rundown of the operation. I definitely think we’ll be attending more of the playgroups because I think Harper needs the interaction with other kids.

At one point the topic of preschool came up. I look at Harper and I still see a baby, but their kids are the same age as him and they are already registering for preschool! I guess he will be three this summer, but man it just doesn’t seem like he should be going to preschool already! I’ve got to do some serious thinking about the preschool thing; I’m just not sure I want to start him at three, but part of me feels like it might be a good thing for him. I’m not rushing, that’s for sure.

After we played our little hearts out, and Dakota finally passed out on my shoulder, we went into the main library area so that Harper could do his favorite puzzle. He loves puzzles and from the moment we walked in he wanted to go find them.

2013-01-07 001 2013-01-07 018

We headed home around noon for lunch and nap. I was so excited about naptime thinking I might just get a little break. Dakota, on the other hand, had other ideas. After her one hour nap, she was up and ready to play again. I figured she’d play for awhile and then take another nap, but again, I was wrong. She fought that nap like it was a fire breathing dragon. It was NOT going to happen. By the time Tony got here at 2:45, I was completely whipped.

Zoe, Landon and I had to go to our dentist appointment and I was so glad to be getting out of the house for awhile, even if it was to go to the dentist! Our appointments went smoothly and everyone’s teeth passed the test, thank goodness. As we headed back home I felt a little better and was ready to tackle the rest of the evening with the little rascals.

We made it through dinner and bath time with relative ease, but it was a real fight to get Dakota to bed. She drank her bottle and then thought she’d play, but I’d had enough for the day, so to bed she went. I rocked that girl until she just couldn’t hold her head up any longer…and I’ve been sitting here in my chair staring into my computer since.

Good night, Monday. It’s been real.

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