Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It’s been ugly in this house for the past several days. And by ugly, I mean the stomach flu type of ugly.

2013-01-15 001 2013-01-15 002

Sunday morning Tony went in to get Harper only to find that sometime during the night, he’d puked. He puked, but then went back to sleep…I don’t know what to say about that except, who does that? Ew.

2013-01-15 001 2013-01-15 004

Since that moment, everything just went down the crapper. Literally. We have all been sick and miserable and are just now getting back to life. (Zoe somehow managed to escape all this misery, and good thing since she and her boyfriend had a long awaited trip to NYC today!) Well, I should say, Tony is fine, Landon is finally getting better, I’m sorta kinda getting there along with Harper and Dakota.

2013-01-15 001 2013-01-15 008

We’ve all had it pretty bad, but I think it’s going to be poor little Harper that it lingers with the longest. He just can’t seem to shake it. He’s in pretty good spirits for the most part, but he’s been less active and more hold me than usual. He’ll just come to me and ask me to kiss his belly to make it better, or hold him for a few minutes. Poor guy. Koko had a day of vomiting and then a day of diarrhea, but she seems to be a bit better today. I’m hopeful.

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