Friday, January 25, 2013


We’ve finally got some snow around here. Not a lot, but enough to play in, and that’s really all ya need.

Harper could not wait to get out in it the first day it snowed. Unfortunately, it was a super hectic day in which Tony was at work and I had to figure out how to get Zoe to work and be back home in time for Landon to catch the school bus. (Zoe’s car battery died the day before and Landon’s school started 2 hours late because of the snow.) I managed, but it wasn’t fun.

Once we got home from dropping Zoe off, Harper and I were able to squeeze in about 20 minutes of fun in the snow while Dakota hung out watching in her car seat. She was happy until that 20 minute mark and then that was it. She’d had it and she threw a massive fit. Harper wasn’t quite ready to go in yet, so once I told him we were going in, he took off in the opposite direction. I ended up having to chase him down while letting Dakota scream it out in the garage. I’m sure the neighbors thought it was either hilarious or terribly annoying. Oh well.

Once Tony got home from work, Harper immediately told him it was time to go out and play in the snow, and that’s what they did.




Harper thought eating snow was awesome until his dada handed him an icicle!


In the boys’ stockings this year Santa left some snow paint. It’s basically just some type of coloring that you mix with water in a squirt bottle type thing. The dye inside ours is orange, so when you squirt it in the snow, it sort of looks like dog pee. Orange-ish dog pee. Tony had way more fun using it than Harper did. I won’t mention what the actual bottle resembles…





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