Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keeping Her Legs Warm

After finding Dakota a couple pairs of leg warmers at the mall a while ago I decided to find her a few more online. I ended up ordering a set of six from Amazon. They were a great price, less for the six than for a single pair that I got at the mall…but, the only downfall was that they were coming all the way from Hong Kong!

I hesitated to order because I didn’t know if I’d actually get them before summer, but after reading all their reviews decided to go ahead. I was just starting to worry when they finally arrived in my mailbox. Phew!

As soon as I got them in the door, I ripped the package open to see how they looked. They do not disappoint!

2013-02-19 001 2013-02-19 025

I only got a picture of five because, of course, I immediately had to put a pair on Koko to see how they looked.

Hello, adorable.

2013-02-19 001 2013-02-19 026

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