Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Koko’s New Duds

Check out this outfit that I picked up for Dakota at Crazy 8.

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-06 003

I just had to get pictures of her in it because I thought it was just too stinking cute. I enlisted Landon for some “posing” help, and, well, he did his best with this wiggly girl.

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-06 013

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-06 014

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-06 016

They totally love each other! He’s so sweet to her, and she just loves to watch him do whatever it is he’s doing. She kept looking up at him and he’d smile and then she smile and wiggle all over…they were pretty funny to watch. Even Harper stopped what he was doing to watch the crazies, and he usually couldn’t care less!

She really liked the button’s on the flowers:

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-06 006

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-06 008

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