Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rolly Pollies

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My mother-in-law takes Harper to Rolly Pollies once a week on Wednesdays. Last week, Harper asked me to come along, but he didn’t ask me until they were practically walking out the door, so I couldn’t get ready in time to go. I told him I’d tag along this week and when I asked him if he still wanted me and Kota to go, he said yes.

I try to let him just go and have his time with Mema for the most part because I don’t want to butt in. I know he enjoys going and doesn’t need me to be there for every moment of his day. But, I go every once in awhile just because I like to see what he’s up to.

Today, he was up to crazy.

At the beginning of the class they always sit and sing a few songs. He did that just fine, but once the teacher gave them the go ahead to get on the equipment he turned into a little Tasmanian devil! He went running from one thing to the next and he didn’t really do any of the activities the teachers had set up and demonstrated. He ran up and down the tumble track (long trampoline), then over to the uneven bars, then to the balance beam etc.without ever doing any of them. I’m not sure what got into him, but Mema told me that he did that last week too.

I’m not too concerned really, just couldn’t help but notice the craziness that ensued. I know he going to start testing his boundaries and all that…I’m ready. I just hope that he’ll get back to trying out the activities they set out for them to do. I think that if he just continues to go wild the whole time they’re there, it might be time to drop it for awhile. Maybe he’s bored of it? I don’t know. Mema and I have talked about him doing something else for a change, even before today so maybe that’ll be the key.

Until then, I‘ll just be glad everything at Pollies is padded! :)

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