Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I found a few pictures on my phone that were just too cute not to share. I can’t blog everything, but even if I don’t have words for all of these, they deserve their moment.

Heart Shape Nose

2013-02-03 001 2013-02-03 003

Koko’s New Seat

2013-02-03 001 2013-02-03 010

(The words on the photo were made using a new app called Over. It’s got some nice fonts and is simple to use.)

Story Time at the Library

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-05 002

Library Loot

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-05 017

Sleepy Baby Girl

2013-02-06 001 2013-02-05 019

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