Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Was Old is New Again

Since we’ve been on the run every day this week, I decided we should stay home this morning. Dakota took a great morning nap which allowed me to spend some good quality play time with Harper, and when she woke up she was ready and happy to play with us. She was content to sit up and watch Harper playing as long as I kept something in her little hands that she could chew/slobber on. They were both in really great moods and that sure helps our day go a lot smoother. 

Around 11am we hit a lull and for some reason I thought to go downstairs and grab a bucket of toys I’d saved for Dakota from Harper’s babyhood. Harper was just thrilled to see some old toys he remembered, and Dakota…well, she just saw more stuff to put in her mouth.





They were both content to sit and play until lunch time, and not long after that it was nap time…which is why I’m able to type this in the middle of the day. Gotta go now so I can enjoy this quiet while it lasts…

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