Thursday, February 7, 2013

She Eats!

Dakota has been a tough sell when it comes to trying baby food. I have tried a few times since she’s turned 6 months, but she has gagged, turned her head, pursed her lips together and even thrown up once while I tried to feed her.


I gave up for a couple of weeks, but this week I’ve been working on it with her again. She was still doing everything in her power to keep the food away from her mouth, but then, slowly, she started to reach for the spoon and let me give her small tastes. She’d gag at first, then kind of smack her lips together and make an awful face, and I’d only give her a bite or two because I didn’t want to make it a terrible experience every time.


At lunch time today I sat down with her prepared for battle and she started with the pursed lips thing, but after getting just a little in her mouth, she didn’t gag. I was pretty happy about that. But, it just got better. The second time I brought the spoon to her mouth, she reached for it and “helped” me put it in her mouth! No gagging! No pursed lips! No head turning! No puke!  After that she took several more bites from the spoon, and seemed to actually enjoy the food! I was beyond excited! She probably only ate about 10 bites, but that is a huge improvement! She actually turned her head to me and opened her mouth and just ate. It was like a little miracle.


I had been worrying ever since lunch that it was going to be a one time fluke and she’d go back to her silly ways come dinner time, but she surprised me and ate like a champ! Not one single gag. My baby is growing up.

PS. The food that finally got her eating? Pureed apples. Who knew?

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