Tuesday, March 12, 2013


After a couple exhausting, grumpy days, I woke up feeling much better this morning. I was ready to tackle the day, and I was happy about it.

Dakota is still coughing quite a bit, and she has a hard time drinking her bottle because every time she gets a drink, she goes into a coughing fit. Then, this morning, she began tugging at her left ear, so I decided maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have a doctor look at her…

The doctor checked her ears and said they were clear. He told me to keep doing what I’m doing and just let this thing pass on it’s own. I sure hope it passes sooner rather than later, for her sake and mine.

Not much else happened today. Just the usual, naptime, playtime, dinnertime, playtime, bath and bed time routine.

Two photo’s to share today:

2013-03-12 001 2013-03-12 001

Ginger thought Harper’s animal puppets looked like cozy nap mates. She’s pretty cute all curled up with those animals…

2013-03-12 001 2013-03-12 002

Harper is such a little love bug after his nap. He just wants to be held and loved on and I’m always happy to oblige. Sweet little guy.

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