Wednesday, March 6, 2013

“Snow” Day

Yesterday morning Dakota woke up early, drank a bottle and then vomited. I wasn’t too worried at first, but as the day wore on, and she vomited again, I knew something was going on. Yesterday afternoon, after her nap, she had a slight fever…I was right.

2013-03-06 001 2013-03-06 002

She’s on the brink of pushing tooth number one through, so I thought maybe she was just having some issues with that, but it looks like she’s caught something. Poor thing. She was awake a lot last night, just miserable. She had a high temp (101.3) and couldn’t keep a bottle down. She just wanted to be held and rocked, and once her fever finally broke, she slept.

She woke up this morning with a temp again, and has just been clingy. She isn’t whiney or crying or anything, she just needs comfort. So, we’ve been passing her back and forth, Tony and I, giving her all the love she needs.

We’re having a “snow” day today, so Landon is home from school and Tony is home from work. I say “snow” because all we’ve had thus far is rain and sleet. It’s been a real bore. I suppose there is still a chance we could get some snow, but I think it’s probably unlikely at this point. Snow days are fun because the kids love to go outside and play in it, rain days suck because it’s cold, windy and just yucky wet. Not fun. We’ve been keeping busy inside though, and everyone has been pretty happy.

Harper had such a good time with our little game of search and find shapes last week that I came up with an ABC version. He enjoyed it just as much…and he’s getting closer and closer to recognizing all of his letters. I need to make some lower case letter cards to go with the uppercase cards…

2013-03-06 001 2013-03-06 004

Once we were done with the ABC game I set up our dining table with four different painting activities.

2013-03-06 001 2013-03-06 018

We did spin art, marble painting and watercolors. I also had the dot art markers set out, but neither of the boys was interested in them today.

2013-03-06 001 2013-03-06 012

2013-03-06 001 2013-03-06 014

2013-03-06 001 2013-03-06 017

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