Friday, April 5, 2013

9 Months

I’m feeling pretty guilty that I’m just now writing Dakota’s 9 month post, but I wanted to get caught up with all the other posts that have been waiting too.

So, here we are.

Baby girl is 9 months old.


I’m not sure why 9 months seems like such a huge milestone, but it sure feels “old”. She hasn’t been an infant for awhile now, but she doesn’t even feel so babyish to me anymore. Know what I mean? She’s just doing things now that babies can’t do.


Things like picking up little pieces of food to feed herself.


And, pushing herself up from lying on her belly to sitting upright.


And, standing at this little kitchen set opening and closing the refrigerator door.


We even had to move her crib down lower. I figure that if she’s able to sit up in there, she’ll be trying to pull herself up anytime now.


She’s growing into a remarkable little girl. She doesn’t laugh easily but when she does, it’s a great big hearty laugh. She’s cutting six teeth at the moment, and 4 of the 6 have broken through. It’s been somewhat miserable for all involved. I’m hoping the last two will break through and she’ll feel better.

Her doctor visit is next week, so I’ll know all the vitals then.

Here is her official 9 month photo:


It was incredibly hard to choose which photo to use this time too. I got so many great ones, but this photo just highlights how beautiful she is.

Love, love my Kota.

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