Friday, April 5, 2013

Enjoying April

Today was a kind of day that you just do not spend inside unless you absolutely have to. I couldn’t wait to get the kids outside this morning, and as soon as I thought it was warm enough, we headed out. Our grass was damp from a passing shower overnight, so we spent our time playing on the driveway.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Dakota likes wearing hats. That girl rips that thing off the second it touches her head. For this picture I just threw it on her real fast then snapped away. She looks so darn cute! Too bad the hats WAY too big for her…


I’m not sure what Harper is doing in the photo below, but he spent a good 10 minutes dragging his finger through the crack in the driveway, pulling out all the dirt.


I brought out some toys for Dakota to play with, but she was more interested in what Harper was doing. She forgot about her hat momentarily because I kept calling her name to look at the camera…


After naptime, we went right back outside. I figure we better enjoy this perfect weather before it gets too hot. I know that hot crap is just around the corner.

Harper remembered how much fun it is to squirt water out of water bottles and Dakota watched our bubble maker go round and round.



When the bubbles got boring, Tony pulled out a tarp and some toys for Dakota. She was so cute lying on her belly kicking her feet. She loves the sound of that tarp underneath her crackling.


Harper and I pulled out a bunch of bubble making tools and began the business of blowing bubbles.


We played outside for quite awhile and then ended up inside for about half an hour before Tony and Landon left for soccer. I fed the babies their dinner, we played a little and then headed up for bath time. I decided I was going to give them their baths together, just to make things easier on myself. Harper was less than happy about the arrangement at first, but soon found that playing in the tub with Kota was kind of fun.

2013-04-05 001 2013-04-05 023

After a very successful bath, I got both kids dressed and ready for bed. Harper played my iPad while I fed Dakota her bottle and rocked her. She didn’t fall asleep in my arms, but on her own after a few minutes of kicking around in her bed. She’s getting really good about putting herself to sleep and I’m incredibly thankful that she does it without crying.

Once Koko was asleep, Harper and I watched a little Mickey Mouse. He had ice cream and I had Words with Friends. It was a perfect end to a pretty decent day.

*Landon’s team lost 4-0. After his game, he went to the skating rink, where he is now. I don’t know where all that energy comes from, but I wish I could siphon some of it.

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