Friday, April 5, 2013

While They Were Here

I am always so thankful for the time that my family visits. No matter how short of a time they are here it is always special. My nephew had his spring break this week so my mom, sister and nephew drove up here to spend time with us. Smile 

We didn’t have a lot of money to do anything while they were visiting, but we made the most of our time together.


Both my mom and sister spent lots of their time helping to entertain and care for the babies.


That alone is enough reason for me to miss them, but it is only a small reason.IMG_7700


I think Harper really enjoys having someone new to play with. The new prospective that my mom or Aunt TT brings is refreshing.



Harper and TT really bonded this visit. He just loved hanging out with her and the feeling was mutual. He can be a little demanding when it comes to attention, but she always had time for him; something I imagine he’ll remember when he sees her next. She read him book after book, played all kinds of silly games and stoked his imagination. What more could you ask for in an aunt? She loves him, and he loves her.


Harper loves being at the counter when anyone is doing anything in the kitchen these days. When mom and I set about making a big batch of egg salad with the leftover Easter eggs, he was there and ready to help! I hope he’ll keep his interest in helping in the kitchen, I am certainly encouraging it!



Jaron spent a lot of time with Landon and I loved watching the bond between them grow. They really aren’t that close in age, but they have found common ground with each other. Jumping on the trampoline was one of the things they did together. They spent hours out there jumping, flipping, challenging each other, laughing their butts off. (Zoe was here for some of their visit but she did have to go to school while they were here. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures while she was home, but it was awesome that she got to see them while they were here!)


When they got tired of jumping, they would come in the house, get a drink and then go right back to it. Eventually they would get tired of it for good though…and then they’d come in the house and be silly.


In the picture above they are trying to figure out how they’d get up the stairs if they didn’t have any legs. That was after they slithered around the house without using their legs. Knuckle heads.


I’m so glad they came up to visit us. I’m so lucky to have all these great people in my life.

*Mom and Tish, thanks for all the help while you were here. Every few minutes of sanity I get are helpful! Love you all!

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