Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coloring Eggs


Since we were all home on Friday afternoon, we decided it was a good time to color our eggs.


Zoe’s been asking me about dying the eggs ever since the beginning of March; I think she was more excited about it than anyone!


Harper had no idea what was in store for him when he sat at the table, but once he saw his first egg come out a beautiful shade of blue, he was sold!


Dakota was so good while we worked. She just sat in her chair at the table talking and sucking on ice. She was entertained by all the action around her I guess.


Landon’s not big on artsy stuff, but he’s always game for a family activity. He does like coloring eggs though, so he’s always happy to jump in. He liked mixing colors and seeing what he’d end up with.


Tony found a minute to color one of the eggs too. He came up with the drizzle effect. I’m not sure it’s the best method, but it was interesting. :)


All the eggs came out beautifully, and everyone enjoyed themselves.


Mema was over to help out with the coloring. It looks like she had a good time too!


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