Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When it’s Nice Outside

This past weekend we had some decent weather. We spent a good portion of our morning cleaning the house because my sister, mom and nephew were driving up to see us, but as soon as we could, we went outside to enjoy the day.

Landon thought of an alternative way to ride his skateboard.


Zoe took Dakota outside for a ride in her swing.


Harper found his way to the sandbox and found a way to play before we even got it all the way open.


Tony finished the work he began on the gazebo back in the fall. It’s completely finished and only needs a table and chairs which I hope to go buy this weekend.


After a long 10 hour drive, my mom, sister and nephew showed up. Dakota was a little shy with everyone at first while Harper remembered them all right away and was ready to play. (Anyone who walks in our door is a potential play mate for Harper. That’s how he sees it anyways!)



We spent the rest of the evening catching up and keeping the babies busy. We’re just exciting like that.

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