Monday, April 1, 2013

Couch Cushion Construction

For as long as I can remember now, Harper has loved to remove all the cushions from the couch and play with them. Sometimes he jumps on them, sometimes he hides in them, other times we make an obstacle course with them…they are just never ending fun. Lately he’s been taking them off and dragging them to the bottom of the stairs and building a “home”. Why he calls it his home I don’t know, but that’s what he says.


When Landon’s up to it, he joins in and thinks of some crazy game for them to play involving the pillows and the “home”.


This particular day’s game was hopping from one pillow to the next.


After jumping around like crazy people, it was time for a rest.



The whole time I sat taking pictures and the boys acted crazy, Kota was content to play with her sippy cup. I can’t imagine what she must think when we’re all acting so silly!


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