Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deck Pool

Since the front of our house is all sun in the afternoon, I brought the two little out on the deck to play in the water table. We needed shade because that sun was killer!

She’s so happy with herself! She just loves to stand up next to something and wreak havoc!


He was filling his mouth with water and letting it run out all over his belly. He thought that was the coolest thing!


I got the idea to drag out a tub for a makeshift swimming pool. It was a total hit.

2013-04-11 001 2013-04-10 006

They had a great time in there and Dakota only annoyed Harper a little. She tried to climb on him a couple of times but she was pretty interested in the toys and water so she left him alone. He had to share some of his toys which wasn’t his favorite, but he did pretty good.

When Landon came home from school he joined us out on the deck for a little bit. Don’t even ask me what the heck he’s doing. :)

2013-04-11 001 2013-04-08 005

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