Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Stuff

I don’t have the energy to write a long post, so here’s the short version of our day.


  1. Dakota slept through the night again. I think the worst of the teething is over for the moment and she’s sleeping like a baby. Pun intended.
  2. We were outside playing bright and early this morning. Honestly, it was cold, but we saw blue skies and wanted to get out in it, so we did.
  3. Tony and I went to look for patio furniture this afternoon. We went to Sears, Lowes and Sam’s. I think we’ll be buying the set at Sam’s because it was far nicer than anything we saw anywhere else. We’ll be going back out tomorrow and making our final decision.
  4. We played outside for a good portion of the afternoon. It was still chilly, but we just pretended like it wasn’t. Both babies are so happy to be out of the house, and I’m enjoying the change of pace as well.
  5. Landon’s friend was here all day today and they went back and forth between playing outside and playing video games. He’s super tired today though because they stayed up until 1:30am last night playing on their iPods.
  6. We bought the rest of the stuff we’re going to need in order to put together the baby swings. Can’t wait to get them finished!
  7. I raked out a bunch of leaves and dead plant crap out of one part of our garden. The entire time I was bent over picking stuff up, Harper was squirting me with a water bottle. I knew he was squirting me, but when I stood up, the back of my pants were pretty soaked.
  8. Harper also squirted his Mema and when she told him to stop, he wouldn’t. She ended up chasing him around the yard and taking the bottle from him. He told her he wouldn’t do it again…we’ll see if he remembers.
  9. Harper spotted Landon’s iPod lying on the stairs and before we knew it, he tossed it in the toilet. Luckily the thing still works. No one has any idea why he thought to do that, including Harper. Two year olds are a pain in the tush.
  10. Tony and I thought of a million things we need/want/have to do around the house and yard. None of them were accomplished today. I don’t have much hope for tomorrow either.


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