Monday, April 8, 2013


Yesterday was another busy day. Tony and I finally decided on a patio set, but wouldn’t you know that the Sams closest to our house was out of them. We found out that the Annapolis store had 11 in stock, but instead of driving out there we decided to just order it online. I’m so happy that’s taken care of, now I’m just anxious to get it!

The afternoon was spent playing with the babies. We split the time indoors and outdoors but it seems that playing outside tires them out a lot quicker. When we came inside, Harper asked if he could watch a show. When I told him he could, he jumped up on the couch with his blankets, ready for a rest.


I sat Dakota on the floor to play while Harper rested on the couch, but she was way more interested in Blue’s Clues than any toy I put in front of her.


She did eventually tire of Blue though, and when she did, she did some crawling.



I guess now that she knows how to crawl, she thinks she needs to learn how to stand because she keeps doing this:


Not sure what that’s all about but the thought of her walking scares me! I’m not ready yet!!!


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