Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little of This, Little of That

This little doll face got a haircut this weekend. He fought us about it but once he got there and got his lollipop, he was fine. He sat in the chair all by himself and did exactly what the hairdresser asked, just like a big boy.

2013-05-07 001 2013-05-06 003

This little one isn’t feeling good at the moment. I’m not sure what’s going on but I may be taking her to see the doctor tomorrow if we have a repeat of today. She’s not sleeping well, she’s very fussy and just not herself. Hoping she wakes up in the morning feeling better, but we shall see.

The picture was from yesterday. I was feeding her some yogurt when Harper said “Hey mommy, her got a beard!” Haha!

2013-05-07 001 2013-05-06 007

I am getting all kinds of things together for our yard sale this weekend and my house is kind of a disaster. A bigger disaster than usual that is. But, I’m hoping to unload a lot of this baby stuff. I have mixed feelings about it…sad that I won’t be needing any of it again, happy to be freeing up some space in the house. Harper, for some unknown reason, has decided he wants to ride in this old baby swing. He loved it when he was a baby but Dakota never really enjoyed it that much. It is something I’m letting go of this weekend…hoping another little baby will enjoy it.

2013-05-07 001 2013-05-06 011

I got a much needed haircut today. I swore I was going to do something different this time but chickened out at the last minute. I want to go super short and easy but I need to work on my courage to do it. Someday…

2013-05-07 001 2013-05-07 010

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