Saturday, June 1, 2013

Loose Lips


Zoe didn’t have work on Thursday and since she didn’t have any big plans she ended up hanging out with me and the babies for the day. Since I had her help we decided to take them to the park to play and feed the ducks.



Both of the babies thoroughly enjoyed feeding the ducks and would have stayed a lot longer if this duck hadn’t shown up:


Zoe was scared to death of that duck. Yes, Zoe. She acted like such a fool! She was running and screaming and half dragged Harper away from that malicious looking thing. I laughed and laughed! It was the damndest thing! I don’t know if that’s the duck’s tongue or lip or what, but it’s been hanging around that pond for years and years and it’s never hurt us once.

2013-05-30 001 2013-05-30 011

After our scary encounter with loose lips we went to the little park thinking it would be nice and shady. Wrong. The slides were so hot we were afraid Harper’s shorts would melt off if we let him slide. He was a bit disappointed, but we took him on a walk around the stream and across the bridges and he forgot all about the park. Dakota was happy to ride in her stroller and snack, which was a nice change from her usual need to be held every second. :)

2013-05-30 001 2013-05-30 007

2013-05-30 001 2013-05-30 013

It was close to lunch time when we left the park so we went to Chick-fil-a for a bite to eat. Dakota was so worn out she fell asleep on the way and could hardly open her eyes even when we got there. Somehow she managed to wake up enough to have lunch with us and then we headed back home. The last few minutes of the car ride home she fell asleep again and this time was NOT going to wake up. She slept through me carrying her into the house, changing her diaper and even giving her her medicine! That was one tired out little girl!

2013-05-30 001 2013-05-30 015

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