Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She’s One!

A week ago today, our little Kota bear turned one.

2013-07-04 001 2013-07-01 012



It is simultaneously awesome and depressing. I know that she’s my last  baby so that’s the depressing part…the awesome part is, well everything else. I feel like the last year has been one of the longest of my life; having two little kids at once is W-A-Y harder than having one at a time!


Koko is incredibly independent, feisty and quirky. She makes us laugh with her silly antics and keeps us on our toes. She’s learning how to defend herself when Harper tries to pick on her and she’s also learned how to get what she wants by looking at her daddy or me and giving us the crocodile tears. She knows that her big blue eyes and soft blonde curls melt us…she’s completely dangerous. 


She’s right on the brink of walking. She can take several steps and even turn around before falling and I know she’ll be full on running before we know it. She’s still got four teeth on top and three on bottom, but she seems to be cutting tooth number eight now. She’s still LOUD and babbles a ton, but she’s also starting to take more interest in words and communication. She knows how to tell me “all-done” in sign language and she’s also signed “more” once or twice. Her favorite thing to do these days is play outside in the water. She loves the water table, swimming pool and sprinkler(s) alike. She’s still somewhat difficult to feed and seems to be pretty picky, but she is eating more and more table food. I’m hoping we’ll be done with bottles sometime in the near future, but knowing this will be the last baby I feed by bottle and rock to sleep makes me less anxious for that to end.


I’m really looking forward to watching this little beauty grow and learn. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly it all goes…


Happy Birthday, my sweet baby girl.


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