Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drums, Trains and Planes

Our morning started with a bang, literally. Dakota wanted to play with the drum set and she didn’t care that there were still other people sleeping in the house. Harper, not wanting to be outdone by his sister, decided to join in and it quickly became a noisy morning. Fun, but noisy.


The kids seemed to be getting a little bored with their toys lately, so I decided it was time to switch things up a bit. I put a few things away for later, moved some toys from the basement up into our room and put some aside to get rid of.

The train table has long been neglected so it went up into our bedroom and voila, it’s like having a new toy! The two littles have been playing with it constantly. We’ve built several train tracks already and they are just happy as clams playing with all the cars.


The past couple of mornings here have been just gorgeous. Think low 60’s with a breeze…delightful! I wanted to take advantage of the weather, so we headed to airplane park for a bit this morning.






Dakota waved bye bye furiously as each plane passed us. She just loved watching them fly in. Harps and Lan enjoyed watching them too, but it wasn’t new to them, so it wasn’t quite as exciting.

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