Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Harper’s Dot

I’m barely able to keep my eyes open tonight I’m so exhausted. The kids keep waking up at the crack of dawn and it’s killing me! Today was even a little more painful than others though because Dakota took a 20 minute nap in the van when we dropped Landon off at the tutors, and didn’t take any other nap. Let me tell you, tired babies are NOT fun, but somehow we made it through another day and she’s in bed asleep now. Phew.

2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 006

I had to take Harper to see his doctor for his 3 year old well visit. He was so adorable the whole time we were there. He just talked and talked to the receptionist’s and the nurses, he was quite a little flirt. He also noticed that the nurse was using an iPad to log all of his data and he ended up talking to her about all the cool games he plays on his iPad. She was very sweet and listened intently as he talked and he was just laying on the charm. I wish I could have recorded it.

As she was looking through his chart she noticed that he hadn’t had all of his Hep B shots…which meant that he had to have a shot today. I wasn’t expecting it and he certainly wasn’t. I didn’t think warning him at that point was a going to help, but the look of pain on his face when she gave him the shot is engrained in my mind and I feel horrible remembering it. I wish I’d  warned him that he was going to need a shot and that it was going to hurt a little. He just looked so betrayed, and he cried and cried. I held him till he felt better and when we got up to leave he walked over to the desk where the nurse was sitting and said “Hey, guess what? I had to get a dot!” Haha! They laughed and he was instantly better…and he’s called it a dot all night.

Here’s what Dakota enjoyed doing today…

2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 004

She was so happy about being able to sit in the toy box. She climbed in and out at least a dozen times and I just thought she looked so sweet sitting in there! My little cutie pie.

Alright, I’m off to work on some stuff for the birthday party this weekend…if I can stay awake long enough.

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