Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today started out so well…

It was just another day, really. No preschool, but Harper had Rolly Pollies with Mema so Dakota and I headed out to the park with some other kiddo’s and their momma’s. She basically ate the entire time we were there, but she ate in the swing, so that was new!

We met Mema and Harps at Chick-fil-a for lunch afterwards so that the kids could play for a bit. We had the whole play area to ourselves and that was super awesome! I didn’t have to worry about a big kid knocking into my little ones…

We came home for nap and quiet time, but Dakota only slept for about an hour when she woke up crying. I never did figure out what was wrong, but she tried to sleep while I held her, but as soon as I put her down, she’d cry again. Since her nap was clearly over, we headed downstairs to play.

Harper wanted to go out on the deck to play so out we went. We were only out there for about 2 minutes when he hit his foot and told me it hurt. I gave it a quick kiss then told him to hang on while I ran right inside to grab their shoes before he got a splinter…but, it was too late. When I got back and looked again, I saw a big splinter in the ball of his foot. A big splinter. When I got him inside to look at it I could see a piece of it sticking out, so I grabbed the tweezers (as he screamed and cried, poor kid) and pulled it out. Unfortunately, there was another one wedged in there much deeper than the first that I couldn’t get to. I tried and tried calming him down so that I could attempt to pull the other one out, but after about 45 minutes of him crying and my not getting anywhere, I gave up.

He and I headed to CVS to see if they might have anything to help me get it out. They didn’t, so we headed to another CVS that had a minute clinic inside. We waited for more than an hour to be seen and I was just about to lose it when we were finally called back. After giving her all of our information she finally assessed his foot and decided to try to get the splinter out. It did not go well.

She had me lie on the table and hold him on top of me so that she could try to get the splinter out of his foot. It was okay for a minute, but as soon as she started digging, he lost it. He was kicking, screaming, crying, and wiggling everywhere and I was only able to control so many flailing things at a time. She wasn’t able to get the damn thing out in the end and told me I’d have to take him to his primary tomorrow. (insert scream here)

So, we wasted our time and money and my kid still can’t walk on his foot because it’s in so much pain. Great.

We’ll be missing preschool and Dakota will miss Rolly Pollies tomorrow because I’ve gotta get this thing out of his foot. I absolutely dread taking him to the doctor’s office too. I just hope they’ll be able to numb it a little before they attempt to remove it. I know Harper is going to freak out when I tell him we have to go too since he thinks the splinter’s out because she put a band aid on it.

My stress level is through the roof tonight, so I’m hoping this blog makes sense! Wish me luck.

Lots and lots of luck.

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