Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Day at Preschool

Today was the first day that I got to work at Harper’s preschool. He’s in a co-op which means that the parents have to be super involved and volunteering is just part of the experience.

When I first heard about the co-op I knew immediately that it was what I wanted. I have always volunteered or worked wherever my kids have gone to school because I just love to be involved. I am fascinated with the way kids learn and I really enjoy being a part of the process. Watching my children blossom right before my very eyes is just amazing.

There are three rooms that the kids move to during the day. They begin in the circle room and once circle time is over half the kids go to art while the other half have free play.One parent works in the art room with the teacher while the other parent mans the play room, which was my domain today. The job is pretty simple really. 6-7 kids come into the room and may play with whatever they choose while I basically have the choice to play with them or watch them play. I don’t like to sit and do nothing so I found myself down on the floor with them. They, of course, loved the attention and I ended up playing with most of them today. If I had a toy, they all seemed to gravitate my way but there were a few that were happy to play on their own.

Harper was in my room first and he was so happy I was there! He just kept giving me hugs and the biggest smiles. I was so happy that my being there didn’t disrupt his day and that he was just happy to have me there with him. He didn’t get clingy and whiny at all. It was great.

I was thrilled to see that he was able to play freely by himself as well as with the other kids. He’d do his thing for a little bit then move over to play something else with another child. Near the end of the playtime he grabbed some baby dolls to play with. He was pretending to feed them then put them to bed and one by one the other kids went over to help him. Soon there were 3 boys and 2 girls all playing with the babies…and I couldn’t help but laugh when I overheard Harper tell “Kota” it was time for her to go to sleep! One of the little girls asked him who “Kota” was and he told her it was his baby sister. (My heart just about burst at the sweetness!)

After a little while the teacher came in and the two groups switched. Once art was completed by the second group, it was time for snack. While the kids enjoyed their snacks (that we parents provide) I had to do my cleaning duties for the playroom. Basically clean the bathroom, make sure the toys were tidy and vacuum. No biggie.

Once snack is over the kids get to go outside to run around on the playground until pick-up. Harper ran straight to the sandbox where he scooped sand to his little hearts content. He also played in the new playhouse and showed me how he could slide down all the slides.

I won’t get to work again until November and I’m really looking forward to it! It was a great experience and I feel like putting him in this particular school was a great decision. We do have a field trip coming up later in the month that I’ll be going on so really I don’t have that long to wait! Smile 

ps. I didn’t take pictures because I was working…and I hated that I couldn’t do it but it didn’t seem like I should be playing with my camera when I was supposed to be taking care of the kiddies!

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