Thursday, October 24, 2013

10 Things About Dakota

2013-10-24 001 2013-10-24 011

  1. Getting a picture of this child is tough! She will not stop moving and she will not smile on command. This was the best I got and as much as I love some flare, this is a bit much…she’s smiling and you can kind of see her beautiful face so it’ll just have to do.
  2. Her favorite thing to do these days is climb. There isn’t a surface in this house that she hasn’t attempted to reach the top of and falling off of something isn’t enough to slow her down.
  3. She absolutely loves to swing. When we go outside to play it’s the first thing she wants to do. She cries and pitches an absolute fit when it’s Harpers turn and is always eager to jump right back in once he’s out.
  4. We’ve been working a lot on pointing out body parts and she’s got quite a few of them memorized. She has eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, ears, fingers, toes, belly button and mouth. Sometimes she remembers belly and we just started with knees, elbows, shoulders and head. I’m sure she’ll have those in no time flat.
  5. She’s a total stinker. She loves to do things that we’ve told her not to do. For example, she’ll fill a cup with water and attempt to dump it over the side of the tub. Or, she’ll repeatedly push the on/off button on the computer that sits in the kitchen. She knows she isn’t supposed to do it, and I know she knows because she watches us for a reaction every time.
  6. She still acts shy every single time Zoe comes home or Brandon comes over. She even acts silly about seeing Mema and she sees her all the time! By acting silly I mean she cries for me to hold her and then when I do she puts her head on my shoulder and acts like they’re new people she’s never met before. It’s pretty funny.
  7. She loves her brothers. (She loves Zoe too, she just isn’t around as much!) She loves to watch what they’re doing and then try to do it herself. She loves when Landon chases her around the house and she enjoys playing anything with Harper. They’re her buddies.
  8. Her snack of choice is definitely cheese. More specifically, slices of American cheese. She could eat that several times a day and be happy. I actually have to ration it to her because she get constipated, and everyone knows a constipated baby isn’t a happy baby.
  9. She gives kisses and hugs. Kisses and hugs is general are a nice thing, but kisses and hugs from little tiny people are magic. They just make you feel so warm and fuzzy and gosh those little arms wrapped around your neck…oh the sweetness.
  10. She loves to be sung to. She likes the songs they sing at Rolly Pollies and she loves when I sing them to her at home. When she’s acting a fool in the car I start singing and she settles down. She especially likes the Itsy Bitsy Spider and even tries to do the hand movements on her own. My baby sure is growing up. Smile

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