Saturday, October 26, 2013

Early Trick-or-Treat

Yesterday afternoon one of our local shopping centers had a trick-or-treating event for the kids. I really wanted the kids to get to do it because I thought it would be nice for them to wear their costumes more than once!


We had a good time walking around to each of the shops and we all loved seeing the little babies all dressed up. There was one little guy dressed up as a hotdog and my lord he was cute!


Harper wanted to be Buzz Lightyear this time around, and he was the only Buzz we saw yesterday! I couldn’t tell you how many kids stopped and said “Hey Mom! It’s Buzz!” Harper had no idea they were talking about him, I think he forgot he was dressed up! Smile Dakota (Little Red Riding Hood) wasn’t too into the whole thing but she had a serious grip on her candy bucket. She wouldn’t walk up to anyone but she would happily thrust her bucket out for them to drop the candy in. I’m kind of hoping she’ll be a little braver when we go trick-or-treating this Thursday.


It was nice that Zoe and Landon went with us even though neither of them trick-or-treated. Landon hasn’t ever really been into the whole trick or treat thing; he’d much rather hand out candy and scare people! Zoe of course is just too old, but they were both there and awesome as usual.

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