Sunday, October 13, 2013

It IS the Little Things

You know the saying about how the little things make them happiest? Like a hot bath or a phone call from a friend? Well, I was thinking about it today for what ever reason and I would totally have to agree. Just this weekend I’ve realized that the things making me most happy were things that were rather small. Things that others would see as insignificant, but to me, they were just nice.

I didn’t let any of those moments pass without thanking the person who gave them to me, and it’s made that specific thing stand out in my mind all day today, so I figured I’d write them down too.

  • Tony decided he wanted Chipotle for lunch yesterday. We’d been running around all morning with the kids and they were ready to be out of the car, so while I made lunch for the kids at home he went out to grab lunch for the two of us. He knows what I always order so that wasn’t a big deal, but when he came home he also brought me a Dr. Pepper. No biggie, right? Well, he didn’t get himself one so I asked him why he got me one when we already had canned soda at the house. He told me it was because he knew my preference for a fountain drink over a can. He knows me so well!
  • Tony and I went to The Melting Pot for our birthday celebration. It wasn’t his first choice, but he chose it knowing that I’d like it. We both had a great meal and it was so nice having dinner in peace. No one cried about because they didn’t like their food. No one wiped their nasty little fingers all over me. No one had to pee right as we sat down to eat. It was divine.
  • I was picking up toys in the living room this evening. It was probably the 50th time today I’d done it, and instead of sitting and watching me, Landon helped me out. I didn’t ask, he just saw me doing it and stopped to help. Love that.
  • Zoe was home today. It’s so nice when she’s here and she actually wants to hang out with us! Harper wanted to read some books and I’d just read him a few so I told him to ask his sister if she’d read to him. He brought his books downstairs and when he asked her if she’d read them to him, her response was “Sure I will!”. Not even the slightest hesitation. I’m so happy my kids are able to bond with one another no matter their age differences.
  • Brandon was here since Zoe was home. He’s always so great with the kids when he’s here and he’s a tremendous help when things get busy. He’s always ready to jump in and help when needed and we appreciate him so much. Today he helped clean up toys and junk that was messed up before he even got here…without me ever asking. He also offered to go out and help to unload the car when we got back from the store even though he was right in the middle of playing a game. We never have to ask, he just offers his assistance. So sweet!
  • Harper and Dakota have been cutting me some slack these days. Harps is much nicer to Koko and they’ve had some great moments playing together. I love to watch the two of them do their thing and listening to Harper talk to Dakota is quite funny. My favorite is when he tells her she is a “good baby gul”. She’s getting better and better at doing what her big brother tells her and he’s getting better and better at treating her nicely. It’s awesome.
  • Tony did the grocery shopping today (as he usually does). Later tonight when I took the van to bring Landon’s friend home I noticed my gas tank was full again. Tony certainly didn’t have to get me gas, but he did. He loves me like that.

So, you see, most of these things would seem insignificant to most people, but to me, they are special and remarkable. Sometime it didn’t even really involve me, but I definitely appreciate seeing my family behave in loving ways.

I guess the moral of the story is, if you are looking for ways to be happy and thankful, you’ll find them.

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