Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Things About Landon

I know you are all thinking that I forgot to blog 10 things about Landon, but I assure you that isn’t the case. I actually have had it written down on a piece of paper sitting on my desk for awhile, I just never actually got around to posting it. I got a cold, my mom’s here for a visit and life as usual has been busy…and those are my excuses!

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Without further ado, here are ten things about my boy:

  1. He is currently reading the first book in the Harry Potter series. I forced him to give it a try and he really seems to be enjoying it. He’s had it in his mind for years that he’s not old enough/ a good enough reader to read it, but now that he see’s he’s able, I hope he’ll read the entire series. Fingers crossed.
  2. His grades this year in school, so far, have been terrific. I can see a big difference in his writing skills and his attitude (for the most part) is very good.
  3. Since we’ve put the tetherball game in the backyard he spends a lot of time out there playing. Sometimes by himself, sometimes with us and other times with friends from the neighborhood.
  4. He still enjoys playing video games and he’s still pretty hooked on Mine Craft. He’s asking for a few new games for Christmas but my guess is that he’s still going to be hooked on Mine Craft. He really enjoys the creating part of that game and the other games he wants aren’t anything like that.
  5. He isn’t much of a TV watcher, but he likes The Regular Show and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D when he does get time.
  6. He LOVES to dance and he is constantly watching videos of people dancing. He is especially interested in “bone breaking”. He just loves the robotic movement and he’s always trying to duplicate it.
  7. He’s hit that weird age where he refuses to wear a coat. There is just something so incredibly uncool about being warm now a days. I don’t know why middle schooler’s hate coats so much, but I remember going through this with Zoe. I’m still puzzled.
  8. He’s become very conscious of his appearance. That is another middle school thing. Up until 6th grade he was pretty happy to wear whatever, but now he’s definitely got his opinions…
  9. I always know that when I need help with something, I can count on Landon. He isn’t always happy about it, but I can usually count on him not making too much a fuss. He’s awesome with the little’s and he’s very helpful when I need a minute or two to get something done. He has no idea how much I appreciate his help though I do make sure to tell him!
  10. He’s grown a ton lately. He’s nearly my height all of a sudden…it’s crazy! He eats like a horse too! Every night after dinner he makes himself some kind of sandwich. Then he’ll have a handful of carrots, some chips, a few pretzels, and then some!

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