Saturday, November 16, 2013

File Folder Games

When Landon was just a little guy I found this book that was all about making file folder games. The idea wasn’t foreign to me since I’d worked in daycare for several years and I thought it would be something fun that he could use at home. I made several folders with all different types of games but he was really too old for them by the time I found them and got them made. So, I ended up passing them on to my neighbor at the time. They had two little boys then (three now) that I thought could use them…

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and that neighbor contacted me and asked me if I wanted those folders back! I was thrilled! I couldn’t believe she’d held onto them for this long and I had just been thinking about remaking them because I recently came across that very book…coincidence? I think not.

After picking them up from her house I brought them straight home for Harper to try. He LOVES them!

This folder has spots for identifying small to large items. For example, there are three stars, one small, one medium and one large. There are groups of circles on the folder in which he places the stars according to size. Easy concept for him but still a fun activity.

2013-11-08 001 2013-11-04 002

This folder is all about things you’d wear/find in either summer or winter. It is self correcting because the shapes will only fit on one page or the other. It’s like a flat puzzle.

2013-11-08 001 2013-11-04 004

There are many different folders with all sorts of acivities. Some focus on numbers, some shapes or colors. I also did one for every letter in the alphabet! The alphabet folders are a bit advanced for Harpers age though because they concentrate on what begins with each letter. He knows his letters, but he’s not quite ready for what pictures start with what letter yet!

I’m already thinking about how I can expand my folder collection, and I’m excited that Harper and Dakota will both get to use them!

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